Know Ball Games Pilot Consultation - Results and Recommendations

Westminster City Council is committed to ensuring that its streets, parks and spaces encourage and enable physical activity, particularly for children and families.

To encourage play, we are planning to pilot some work, which includes the removal of restrictive signage and by laws such as ‘No Ball Games’ and ‘No Cycling’ across the following estates: Churchill Gardens, Hallfield Estate, Queens Park Court and Queens Park Street.

Following community engagement which took place towards the back end of 2023 we are pleased to present the final findings and recommendations which can be found at Know Ball Games In Westminster Consultation – Commonplace

Summary of findings

These are the key things that were of importance to you:
  • Replacing ‘no ball games’ signs with signposting signage of where play should take place, alongside supervised programmed activity
  • Interventions to tackle anti-social behaviour also and protecte green areas in line with Westminster City Council’s Ecological Emergency.
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The next stage – Phase 5 Consultation on Pilot Signage Designs

Following on from the above we now want to engage with residents on the new signage design, programming ideas and how tackling anti-social behaviour and the Ecological Emergency agenda aligns with this. Your views matter.

To begin this process, from Tuesday 28th May 2024 we will be launching design ideas for residents to comment on via an online survey and we encourage all residents to provide feedback. We will also be hosting drop-in sessions with the Sport, Leisure and Active Communities and Housing teams in each area where you can share your comments in person.

Drop-in session details

  • Hallfield Estate: Tuesday 28th May 2024, 4pm to 6pm at Pickering Hall, Hallfield Estate, London W2 6HF
  • Churchill Gardens Estate: Thursday 30th May 2024, 4pm to 6pm at WCC South Area Service Centre, 137 Lupus Street, Pimlico, SW1V 3HE
  • Queens Park Court and Queens Park Street: Monday 3rd June 2024, 4pm to 6pm at Queens Park Court Hall, Droop St, W10 4QB

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