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Thank you for your interest in applying to become a Street Maker and hosting a Street Play session on your street.

If you are applying to host multiple sessions, you’ll also need to supply the names and contact details for at least three Street Makers, including yourself, who will help support in the delivery of the ‘Street Play’ session. We will contact each Street Maker to ask them to complete the required road safety and facilitation training before the proposed ‘Street Play’ session takes place.

Before you apply, please read the ActiveStreets ‘Street Play’ Policy and keep a copy for reference as it contains useful links to resources provided by Playing Out, including a consultation letter template and leaflet to help you explain to neighbours about the notion of street play and notify them about your upcoming ‘Street Play’ session/s. Additionally, you will need to complete and return the Indemnity Form before we can process your application.

Please note that this form is for Westminster Residents and Schools only. If you would like to request a Play Street or ‘Street Play’ in another borough, please contact your local borough or submit your interest via the Ask For It campaign website.