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Supplementary Consultation Image with CGI representations of the cycloplay and bark park project

‘CycloPlay’ and ‘Bark Park’ Supplementary Consultation Report

ActiveWestminster have finalised the report for the supplementary ‘CycloPlay’ and ‘Bark Park’ consultation that was launched in September 2020 is now available for download by members of the public and users of Paddington Recreation Ground.

Following the initial consultations for the proposed ‘CycloPlay’ facility and the ‘Bark Park’ (Carlton Gate dog area) at Paddington Recreation Ground, ActiveWestminster decided to launch a 4-week supplementary consultation to further explore and understand comments raised by the initial consultations.

The supplementary public consultation provided further insight into public views and need in relation to both proposals for the CycloPlay facility and ‘Bark Park’ at Carlton Gate and was undertaken to supplement the individual CycloPlay and Carlton Gate dog area public consultations undertaken in June 2020.

A high proportion of the supplementary public consultation response was from dog owners and/or those who regularly use the dog areas at Paddington Recreation Ground (60%).

The Initial Consultations

The ‘CycloPlay’ and Carlton Gate dog area (Bark Park) public consultations were open for 4 weeks and ran parallel to each other from 9am, Sunday 14 June until midnight, Monday 13 July 2020.

Both consultations were accessible online and were promoted to the public via hard-copy posters containing a digital QR code, social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), email and the ActiveWestminster website.

The ‘CycloPlay’ public consultation recorded 177 responses with 98% of all participants self-identifying as users of Paddington Recreation Ground and 82% of responses being from Westminster residents. The consultation identified that the proposed development of ‘CycloPlay’ area at Paddington Recreation ground is favourable with 75% of all responses signalling support for the proposal. Read and download the full report here.

The Supplementary Consultation

The supplementary public consultation found clear differences when comparing findings from the initial public consultation in feedback that reduced public enjoyment of Paddington Recreation Ground.

Notably, in the supplementary consultation, dogs reducing enjoyment reported 72% no reduction in enjoyment (previously 40% reduced enjoyment) and bikes in the park (previously 13% reduces enjoyment) divided equally between reduces enjoyment (34%) and no reduction in enjoyment (34%).

Overall, there is a 65% in favour response for the proposals for a CycloPlay facility (combined initial and supplementary public consultations – CycloPlay) and an 82% in favour response for the ‘Bark Park’ at Carlton Gate (combined initial and supplementary public consultations – ‘Bark Park’ at Carlton Gate).

Read and download the full report here.

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