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CGI IMages of proposal for Carlton Gate Dog Area and CycloPlay Area

CycloPlay Consultation Report Highlights positive Feedback from Westminster Residents

Following a successful initial consultation, ActiveWestminster are publishing the report to a consultation held in June 2020, which was held regarding the proposal of a new CyloPlay area at Paddington Recreation Ground.

The consultation, which ran parallel to the Carlton Gate Dog Area consultation, was open for 4 weeks from 14 June – 13 July 2020 and recorded a total of 177 responses.

Upon review, 98% of all responses were from existing users of Paddington Recreation Ground and 82% identified themselves as Westminster residents.

The consultation identified that the proposed development of the CycloPlay area is favourable, with 75% of respondents expressing support for the proposal.

The design of the CycloPlay facility would create a new play, physical activity, leisure, sport and educational attraction for people, particularly children, young people, families and older people to learn and practice cycling. Planners have considered the role the facility would play in improving air quality and have incorporated areas of enhanced biodiversity in the designs to reduce any potential additional noise generated from the facility.

Following feedback from respondents, and to further explore views and comments expressed in responses, a supplementary consultation is due to be held in coming weeks, which will be used as a tool to gain further insight and representation of public feedback.

You can view and download the full report for the initial CycloPlay consultation here.

To find out more about either of the consultation please contact us or follow our social media channels for updates.

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