Get Active

Keeping active and healthy doesn’t have to mean expensive gym membership and paying for exercise classes. There are lots of ways you can get active for free.

Walk wherever you can

Walking may be underrated, but it’s one of the easiest ways to get active and become healthier. Try to ditch the car and walk to the shops or incorporate it into your journey to work.10,000 steps can burn up to 400 calories.

Home exercises

You can get the heart pumping by doing an exercise routine in your own living room – start off with 10-minute work outs and work your way up!

Park games

Make the most of the Summer and Autumn months by reliving your childhood and spending time in the park. You could organise a game of rounders with friends and family.

Get Active
Get Active

Being active is all about having fun!Here are some top tips:

  • Have a splash — why not try out the local pool with family and friends
  • Take a walk in the park — great to keep active and de-stress!
  • Dance — whether at home or out with friends it’s the perfect way to have fun and keep active.

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