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Image of dog exercise area in winter with bare trees

Funding Secured to Improve Dog Exercise Areas at Paddington Recreation Ground

The dog exercise areas at Paddington Recreation Ground are due to have an upgrade as part of the 2022 winter maintenance programme, following a successful funding bid made before the new year.

Work to upgrade and improve the two dog exercise areas located beside the Carlton Vale Gate Entrance and Morshead Gate Entrance will shortly commence and will take place across several weeks in January and February.

The works entail a complete fencing and gate replacement programme to enhance the safety and security of visitors’ pets, a biodiverse planting scheme including dog-friendly shrubbery, and a general refresh of the existing grounds and pathways.

While inspecting the sites, a number of exisiting trees were identified as having advance decay and thus recommended to be replaced. The trees in question include a small prunus tree in the Morshead Road Gate area as well as several self-seeded sycamore saplings, a small silver birch and a prunus in the Carlton Vale Gate area. These trees will be replaced with trees of a substantial girth to give them an opportunity to thrive in what is a difficult and shaded location. The felled trees will be left on site to provide a more interesting aspect and something for the dogs to explore and climb.

Work on the Carlton Vale Gate area is due to commence on Monday 24th January 2022, for a period of three weeks. Following completion, work will then begin in the Morsheads Road Gate area from 14th February 2022, for a period of four weeks.

Each site will be closed to facilitate the works and we ask that dog walkers and visitors bringing dogs to the grounds make use of the designated dog exercise area that is open on the day of visiting.