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Westbourne Green Open Space Development - Public Consultation & Engagement

The Council believes that participation in play, physical activity, leisure and sport can be truly transformative, inclusive and fundamentally beneficial. Being active and healthy goes hand in hand with an improved quality of life and wellbeing.

The aim of the consultation is to encourage participation amongst residents, communities, groups and users of the are to gather views and insights on how best improve the space and maximise usage of outdoor space. We are focusing the development in three main workstreams:

  • Inclusive Play – A menu of options will be presented to the local community prioritising the most wanted elements of inclusive play.
  • Soft landscaping – Proposals will include recommendations on the use of micro forests, semi mature trees and hedge infill to provide improvements in biodiversity, buffer noise and reduce water run off.
  • Create space for girls and young women – to provide options on how the area can be improved and co-create the space with the feedback of girls and young women involved in the process. 
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About Westbourne Green Open Space

  • Westbourne Green is located on land to the north of the Great Western railway lines, and is bound by those railway lines to the south and west, the Grand Union Canal to the north, and Westbourne Green Park to the east.
  • The land is primarily council-owned and is located outside of the City of Westminster’s Central Activities Zone and the Paddington Special Policy Area.
  • The site is within a residential area containing a high level of social housing, with some related small scale retail uses, community facilities and an outdoor sports complex.
  • The character of the most western part of the site is dominated by the adjacent Westway and mainline railway lines.

Key Public Consultation Phases

  • Phase 1: Online survey to consult with communities and collect representative attitudes and opinions on proposed improvements. In Process
  • Phase 2: Focus Groups to include girls and young girls in the co-creation of a space that meets their needs. 
  • Phase 3: Sharing design proposals and gathering views and insights from the community and local groups. 

We will keep provide regular updates and share information as it becomes available, please note dates might be subject to change.

Phase 1 - Online Survey

In process

We'd like to hear your views on the mentioned areas of development in Westbourne Green Open Space. The survey open on Wednesday 8th November until midnight on Wednesday 29th November. There are three section, one for each area of development and you will be able decide if you want to answer either one, two or all sections. 

For more information

If you would like more information about the project or to share your views, please click the button below to use the feedback form.