Westminster Sports Unit


The Westminster Sports Unit (WSU) has existed for around 26 years in various forms under different council departments as well as a stand alone business unit. Previously based at Moberly Sports Centre, the team have been at PRG since April 2012.

WSU Purpose

Using the power of Sport & Physical activity we’re proud to Inspire, Empower & Provoke Change in our Communities.

Our Shared Vision

To see a measurable improvement in the health and wellbeing of people who live, work and study in Westminster by encouraging them to participate in sport and physical activity and to acquire new skills through high quality casual and competitive activities.

The Team

WSU is part of the council’s Sport, Leisure and Wellbeing department that sits within the City Management directorate. The team consists of 11 officers across 3 main work strands that interrelate and contribute to the departments strategic themes and delivery plan.


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