About Us

Our History

Sayers Croft was built in 1939 by the National Camps Corporation and was first used by a group of 200 evacuees from East London who stayed here for the duration of World War Two. A photographic history of wartime Sayers Croft is available to download here.

Post-war Sayers Croft became an outdoor education centre, providing a fantastic experience for hundreds of thousands of children. Ownership has transferred over the years to the Greater London Council, then the Inner London Education Authority then, in 1990 to Westminster City Council, who still run the Centre.

Many of the original buildings remain (updated with modern comforts!) and we now run a WWII history trail, where children get to experience an air raid shelter, the dig-for-victory garden, a 1940s replica High Street and the original murals painted by the boys from Catford Central School.

Sayers Croft Trust

The Sayers Croft Trust is a registered charity established with the aim of involving the local community in Surrey and West Sussex in the enjoyment and care of the environment.

 The Trust runs school day visits, birthday parties, holiday clubs and community events, providing opportunities for young people to get outside, learn about the natural world, challenge themselves and have fun.