About ActiveWestminster

Activating your City, Lives & Neighbourhoods through Physical Activity, Leisure & Sport across the City of Westminster

Over the past decade ActiveWestminster have made major investments in developing new and improved sports and leisure facilities around the borough of Westminster.

We now provide the some of the best access to community sports facilities in the country and work hard to sustain and grow our voluntary, athletic and community sports sector.

We have an extremely vibrant ActiveWestminster partnership where we work closely with hundreds of public, private and voluntary sector organisations to promote a wide variety of attractive and accessible opportunities, which encourage people to take part in physical activity, leisure and sport at any and every level.

Community Events & Activities

We partner with  public, private and voluntary sector organisations to deliver and support community events suitable for all ages and abilities.

Activating our Whole Community

We offer a range of flagship programmes which encourage participation in physical activity and are committed to working collaboratively to encourage innovation and share best practice.

Equality and Diversity

To further support the residents of Westminster and our colleagues within the council. Westminster Community Services’s Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality Action Group aspires to ratify commitment and accountability of the aims set out in its action plan.

Together we will support inclusivity, understand and encourage diversity, ensure equality, and challenge a lack of integrity across the ActiveWestminster brand both internally and externally.

The objectives set out in the action plan aim to encourage safe conversation to share ideas, experiences and concerns, work towards a more holistic approach for training & development, inclusive recruitment with an impact, measurable focus within specific areas of our services, integrating greater values into our events and programmes, and celebrating staff’s personal commitments.  

If you would like to find out more about our equality and diversity work, please get in touch.