Active Streets Programme

The Active Streets Programme is a key strategy commitment of our ActiveWestminster strategy – “Activate Your City, Lives and Neighbourhoods”.

This strategy is in addition to our Open Spaces and Biodiversity strategy and consists of three types of Active Street which as a Westminster resident or local school, you can apply to host.

The programme is designed to open up residential streets across Westminster for play, creating space for physical activity right on your doorstep and increasing the number of people who know their neighbours. Play Streets, regular Street Play and School Streets sessions enable active travel and improve air quality.

Street Play

Street Play offers facilitates a one-off road closure (Section 16a, Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984) for children and families to play in streets at specified day(s), times and locations. This can be up to three one-off sessions within a 12 months period.

Read the 'Street Play' Policy before you apply and keep as reference. 

You must be a Street Maker before the proposed 'Street Play' session takes place.

You must also complete and return the indemnity form before we can process your application. Check the Useful Resources section below.

Play Street

Play Street is a semi-permanent session which provides a priority over traffic for children and families to play in streets between Monday to Friday (3pm to sunset) and Saturday and Sunday (10am to sunset) between 1 April and 30 September. This is underpinned by Department for Transport legislation (Section 29, Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984).

You will need to be a Street Maker before the proposed 'Play Street' session takes place.

Submit your expression of interest if would like to find out more  about what the process and consultation involve.

School Street

Schools in Westminster can apply for a Pedestrian and Cycle Zone outside school main entrances in one or more roads, or a part of a road (Section 6, Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984) to close motor traffic. They usually operate in the morning and afternoon during school drop-off and collection times, Monday to Friday, term-time only. 

Signs inform drivers of the restrictions before the entrance to the School Street.

If you would like to find out more about what the process and consultation involve, please click the button below to visit the Council's dedicated page.

How it works

Whether you are applying for a 'Street Play' session (one-off) or a 'Play Street' (semi-permanent), you are required to complete the StreetMaker training online before any of the proposed sessions take place.  

How you become a StreetMaker?

Becoming a StreetMaker is easy. You only need to watch a short online training video and then take a quick online assessment. The process is very simple but equally important. Click the button below to access the training and assessment.

Useful Resources

Here is a bunch of documents and templates that can assist the work of setting up a session. 

For any queries regarding our Active Streets programme please contact us.

List of Street Play sessions

List of current Street Play locations in Westminster.

Operative only from 1 April to 30 September.

  • We will update with a list of streets, dates and times once they have been approved.

Current list of School Streets

There are 12 permanent School Street locations which can be access clicking the button below.

Operative during school term.