Join the Thousands for the Running Out of Time Relay!

The Running Out of Time Relay is an annual event bringing people together to run, walk cycle, kayak, climb, wheel swim and surf the baton across Britain for 29 days with the goal to supercharge awareness and celebrate great climate work and inspire action.


This year’s relay will launch on 6th June at Ben Nevis, and will go on it’s 2,436 km journey and conclude at Big Ben in Parliament Square on 4th July. The route covers 210 stages, including over 80 visits to climate and nature projects, sporting bodies and venues, schools, events and iconic locations!

Stages going through Westminster

Thursday 20th June:

  • Stage 100: Parliament Hill Fields Athletics Track to St Andrews Youth Club. 5:15 – 18:10 (8.5km, run in 55 mins)
  • Stage 101: St Andrews Youth Club to Southbank Centre. 18:25 – 18:40 (1.8km, run in 15 mins).

Friday 21st June:

  • Stage 103: Highgate Primary School to Lord’s Cricket Ground. 11-11:55am (7.7km, run in 55 mins)
  • Stage 104: Lord’s Cricket Ground to Twickenham stadium. 12:55 – 14:20 (, bike in 85 mins)

Thursday 4th July:

  • Stage 209: Potters Fields Park to Parliament Square. 19.05-19:55 (4.1km (run or walk in 50mins). Finale of the relay!

You can find all the stages here on the Route Map | Running Out of Time (

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