Pathway works at Paddington Recreation Ground continue to progress well

The works that started at Paddington Recreation Ground on Friday 12th April are getting closer to its summer completion.

Westminster City Council working alongside Everyone Active and FM Conways have applied a phased programme of pathway works to :

  • improve accessibility
  • alleviate trip hazards
  • reduce localised rainwater ponding, and
  • undertake necessary repairs to the underground drains.
Latest updates

In order to carry out these works, certain areas will need to be closed to the public and the gates leading into the grounds will be closed in phases corresponding to the relevant pathway work. There will be some facility closures during these programme of works, please keep an eye out for notices, posters and social media posts to keep up to date.

As always our goal is to ensure that all our facilities are accessible and safe for all of our users. We will  ensure that there is as little disruption to your experience as possible.

These are the phases to the works that are yet to be completed, please bear in mind that dates are subject to change due to weather conditions. Please check our website for the latest updates:

Phase 4 – Moreshead Road Gate (Rose Garden) to the Café pathways

Works commenced on Tuesday 21st May and should be complete on Wednesday 5th June. The Morshead Gate will be closed throughout this period. Patrons should use the nearby Essendine Gate or The Grantully Gate entrances.

Phase 5 – Café to Carlton Gate Roundabout pathways

Works will commence on Wednesday 5th June and complete Friday 14th June. The Cricket nets will be open with access via the pathway behind the gym for this period. Carlton Road Gate and the Car Park will be CLOSED during this period. For access to the park and all facilities, please use the nearest entrance at Randolph Gate.

Phase 6 – Pathway behind the Football Pitch

Works will commence as soon as the Carlton Gate roundabout has fully completed. This section of pathway will be closed to the public throughout the works.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your cooperation and patience.

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