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two adults and a boy child playing tennis outdoors, in the sunshine

Opinions Sought for Tennis Court Surface Upgrade

Westminster City Council and Everyone Active are exploring options to refurbish the tarmac tennis courts at Paddington Recreation Ground and are seeking the opinions of local tennis players.

Seven tennis courts that are used by both recreational and dedicated tennis players are due a refurbishment this winter. The team responsible for overseeing the refurb are interested in hearing the opinions of people who use the courts to ensure the courts meet the needs of regular and recreational players.

Two options have been identified as suitable for the courts. The first option involves re-coating the tarmac to provide a refurbished surface identical to what currently exists. The second option, while more expensive, will provide players with 4 courts with a sand-dressed artificial surface with qualities similar to a grass court, and 3 courts with the tarmac surface.

To support good and continued surface drainage, works to the courts will involve piercing the lower surface to 45cm and adding a layer of shingle and porous tarmac, which will sit below the top layer surface chosen by poll respondents.

close-up image of tarmac court surface coloured green
Option A – Coloured macadam tarmac coating on all courts
close-up image of articifical turf surface filled over with sand and coloured blue
Option B – Sanded artificial surface on 4 of the courts

People interested in sharing their thoughts on what would make for great courts can take part on the poll that is open from 9 January 2022 to 28 January 2022.

Works to lay the new surfaces are due to commence between February – March 2022.

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