MUGAs and Skate Park at Westminster Academy will be closed from the 11th Sep for improvement works

Westminster City Council has set to refurbish the skate park fencing and resurface the two outdoor macadam multi-use games areas (MUGA) located beneath the Westway Flyover at Torquay Street, off Harrow Road, W2.

Existing Skate Park and MUGAs

The MUGAs are enclosed by 3m high fencing to the north, east and west and a 4m fence to the south. The two MUGAs are surfaced with macadam and marked for basketball and football. The MUGA currently has no lighting. The skate park fencing currently consists of a 1m-1.23m brick wall with a 1m partial fence above this. The fence is currently on the northern side of the skate park only.

The MUGA fencing, and goal units are now outdated. The existing mesh fence panels are loose in some places which can cause finger traps for users. The MUGAs do not have any gates and therefore are open to misuse and vandalism at night. 

Improvement Works                                      

The existing fencing system will be removed as part of the refurbishment and replaced with a 5m high rebound sports fence with lockable gates. Fencing will provide security and the ability to stop balls from going outside of the facility. The new fence will be green to match the existing fence.

The MUGAs currently do not have any gates. The new fencing system will include 2 single gates on each MUGA in the current location of the MUGA entrances.

The skate park fencing will be a 3.6m prison mesh fencing system to match the Westminster Academy carpark fence. The fence will run along the Torquay Street side of the skate park and be attached to the pavement directly in front of the brick wall. The fence will include a 1.2m wide single gate in the western entrance of the skate park.

The Skatepark

The skate park fencing is also in poor condition. Majority of the fence panels are missing and there is no lockable gate, allowing the skate park to be vandalised and used for anti-social behaviour.

Design Plan

work improvements diagram

Time Scale

We aim to complete all the construction of works within eight to ten weeks provided there are no unforeseen difficulties or adverse weather.

If you would like more information, please contact us 

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