Update on the Transforming Seymour Leisure Centre project

For more information and to keep up to date on the Seymour Leisure Centre development please visit the Transforming the Seymour Centre web-page

In 2019, Westminster City Council conducted a joint consultation regarding a potential
CycloPlay facility and Bark Park dog exercise area located at Paddington Recreation

Whilst initial consultation responses provided positive sentiment in favour of the proposed development, a review of feedback provided by residents through a variety of other sources led to the decision not to proceed with the proposed CycloPlay development.

In lieu of the proposed Bark Park development, work to refurbish the existing dog exercise areas off the Carlton Gate and Morshead Road entrances were given the green light and secured funding over the winter. Works to improve each area commenced in January and February 2022.

All participants who took the time to get involved in the consultation process and wanted to be informed of the outcome of the consultation have been contacted.

ActiveWestminster is commited to providing facilities that enable all sections of our community to be active and the council has outlined its commitment to the Mayor of London’s ‘Vision for Cycling’ in its Cycle Strategy.

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