ActiveStreets Programme - Opening up our streets for play and community life

The impact of opening up streets for children to play and for the community to get together has shown to build a higher sense of trust and belonging, allowing people of all ages and walks of life to connect with each other and lead active, healthy and happy lives.

With this in mind, the Active Streets Programme is a key strategy commitment of our ActiveWestminster strategy – “Activate Your City, Lives and Neighbourhoods”. In addition, the programe is part of our Open Spaces and Biodiversity strategy and consists of three types of Active Street which as a Westminster resident or local school, you can apply to host.

The programme overall aims to open up residential streets across Westminster for play, creating space for physical activity right on your doorstep and increasing the number of people who know their neighbours. Play Streets, regular Street Play and School Streets sessions enable active travel and improve air quality.

Active Street Programm

Learn more about the programme and the process you must follow on our dedicated page ActiveStreets.

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