Latest Update on Seymour Redevelopment

We just wanted to keep you in the loop on the Seymour leisure centre redevelopment. Since closing, works have been proceeding as planned, with daily activity on the site.

What has happened and next steps

  • Completion of a number of essential surveys: These needed to conducted prior to any construction work commencing due to the nature of the project and the condition of the building. The decision to close the site was due to the fact that some of these surveys such as intrusive asbestos surveys and intrusive structural surveys require adequate time and full site access to be completed correctly.
  • Agreement of construction contract: Details are currently being finalised with a view to commence with the main construction work on site in July
  • Agreement of details and scope of work: The results of the surveys have determined the extent of the required enabling/preparation works. The scope has now been finalised and the Council is aiming to start this element prior to July.  Residents may notice some internal and external construction activity next month in order to ensure that the site is ready to start the main construction activity in July.

You can keep up with all the latest developments on the project by signing up for the Seymour Newsletter and our engagement platform (Commonplace) for all future updates.

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