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StreetMaker Training Assessment

Watch the StreetMaker video training and respond to 80% of the questions correctly to become an official StreetMaker. If you fail you can try again until you pass.

What body part do you use to play Handball Tennis?(Required)
Where should a Street Maker be standing while a Street Play session is taking place?(Required)
Do residents where the Street Play session is taking place need to be notified when it is happening?(Required)
What key piece of equipment is useful for a Street Maker to have to raise awareness that a vehicle is coming?(Required)
Have you read and understood the Active Streets ‘Street Play’ Policy?(Required)
Where should ‘Parking Buddies’, cones and or signage be placed on an Active Street?(Required)
What do you need to play Champ?(Required)
Which of these is not a game or activity?(Required)
Select correct statement:(Required)
Can a vehicle enter an Active Street?(Required)

For any queries regarding our ActiveStreets programme please contact us.